July 7, 2008

finally the curtains has come down on wimbledon 2008…. and rafael nadal has emerged victorious battling all the greatest tennis players…of which roger federer match takes top spot.


chk out the link

those of u ppl who dint manage to see the finals u can see the highlights… amazing 5 hour tennis…

the record run of the tennis great roger ferderer came to an end


the swiss master tried all he could but he couldnt stop nadal from becoming the wimbledon champion

2. ok On the other side 2 bollywood films are released this week

(i) Janne tu ya jaane na

(ii)Love story 2050

well i have not seen the movies yet but out of curiosity read the reviews and the critic has given 2 star and 1 star respectively :(… poor performence.. It doesnt mean that the films will not do well in the box office. I remember that even ‘Hey baby’ was given 1 star but it was a hit 😛

So enjoy hte movies without bothering about the stupid reviews

3. Coming to politics it seems that Manmohan singh is going with the nuclear deal … leaving left angry 🙂

i thought he should have done this early already the UPA image has fallen … also the climbing inflation so even if the government falls it will not be of great concern . I dont know whether the nuclear deal is important to the country or not..

the nuclear that will be obtained should be used for good purpose like civil purpose maybe to generate power …as we know india is suffering from power crisis..

thats all for today i am winding up will write some stuff tomoro … c ya


Drugs Disaster

April 8, 2008

hi all u beautiful ppl out there… i am back… today i want to talk about drugs… Now u may ask why this topic unusually .. well i happened to see the movie ” GIA ” featuring Angelina Jolie as gia. It is based upon the life of Gia Carangi , a super model of the 1960’s (see pic)… She spoilt her wonderful life of glamor Gia on the front cover of vogue

when she came under the influence of heroin… her career rapidly declined and she died of AIDS ( all due to the needles from which she used to take drugs) .Thus the life of an amazing beauty, a great lady came to an end.

you can know more about her from the below link


Well i had tears in my eyes while watching this movie… i agree that she had lot of problems as a child and she had no friends … but she shouldn’t have taken refuge in drugs. Its not only addictive but also devastating.She lost all her fame and fortune with its contact.

The character is neatly protrayed by angelina jolie in “Gia” she won the golden globe award for that ,my sincere advice to all u ppl is to go and watch that movie. It teaches one to stay away from drugs and also from other types of addiction.

Also practice meditation and cultivate good habits .. it helps when you are alone and u need peace

ok frnds i will see you tomo .. with some new thing till then take care…

quizzy dizzy

April 7, 2008

hello friends… this is my first post.. i started to blog because my english is hopeless…

and i need to do something… so this is wat i do i will write all the stupid things i did … i have also disabled my blog to appear in google so that no one stumbles into my blog…

Ok i will start with wat i wanted to say … i want to talk about quizzes … recently i attended a quiz event…in which i was a runner up .. 😦 . so wats it tat makes someone really great in quizzes and others to feel dizzy wen thy come across events… Well its all depends on interests..

My advice to all the ppl out there is to read stuff.. read read read !!!! …(newspapers,blogs,journals,quiz books) are to name a few… well i dont say that you will be a quiz master the next day but believe me my friends its really a fun to know things around you !!!! i dont say you have to leave your work and start reading other stuffs … you can do it in ur free time !!! ok ppl enouhg of lecture for today…. happy reading … happy quizzing

Hello world!

April 7, 2008

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